Vegas thinks Texans will win at least 9 games in 2024

The Houston Texans head into 2024 with considerable hype.

As such, a Vegas sportsbook gave Houston favorable win total odds. DraftKings’ initial win total for the Texans is set at 9.5, and their -100 odds to hit the over or the under is better than the other team with a 9.5 win total — The New York Jets with +125 to hit the over and -150 to hit the under.

Houston’s 9.5 wins also ranks behind 12 other teams with 10.5-11.5 wins each.

For reference, Houston was given -110 odds to get over/under 5.5 wins in 2023 — a number the Texans eclipsed by Week 11.

It makes sense that Vegas thinks Houston can finish with around the same amount of wins it did in 2023. It would have been more of a surprise to see the number lower than nine wins considering what the Texans already did this offseason.

Not only did Houston win 10 games, take the AFC South crown and win a playoff game in 2023, but Houston’s first-round picks from this past season — C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson Jr. — both won their respective NFL Rookie of the Year awards. The Texans made some major moves in free agency as well, including the signing of Danielle Hunter and the trade for running back Joe Mixon.

Houston’s schedule could be its biggest concern, though. The Texans will have to play other division winners because they won the AFC South. Meaning the Baltimore Ravens, the Kansas City, the Buffalo Bills and the Dallas Cowboys will be on the docket in 2024. Houston will also have to play the NFC North with the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers.

The number given by DraftKings is solid for one of the ascending teams in the NFL. Now it’s on Stroud and company to hit that market in 2024.

Story originally appeared on Texans Wire