Vegas strip club hosts Golden Knights viewing parties

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When the Vegas Golden Knights joined the National Hockey League, we knew things were going to be a little different when it came to marketing and fandom. This is a team playing in the middle of the casinos, in a place affectionately referred to as Sin City.

So it’s only natural, then, that a local strip club has decided to host weekly viewing parties for fans who want to … maybe watch the game occasionally?

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Crazy Horse III – and really, you’ll never be able to follow the action if you haven’t seen the two previous Crazy Horses – has announced its first “Hockey at the Horse” viewing parties throughout the Golden Knights’ first season in the NHL.

From the Horse’s mouth:

In celebration of the first professional team in Las Vegas, the Vegas Knights, the award-winning gentlemen’s club will unveil game day specials, including a “Bucks for Pucks” deal, offering $1 admission for any guests arriving via their own transportation.

OK it’s actually “Golden Knights,” but it’s pretty much strip club tradition to change the name of the entertainment.

 During all NHL games, Crazy Horse III will offer $20 beer bucket specials. Throughout the season, guests with a game-day ticket stub to a home game will receive a complimentary drink. Sports fans can take in all the hockey action amidst the club’s massive 70-inch and 100-inch HD televisions.

Again, the Golden Knights haven’t sanctioned this event. Which is important to remember when the team is taking loads of crap for its ice girl recruitment, which at one point asked for the marital status of applicants. (Sheesh.)

That said, it would be in keeping with Vegas hockey tradition if strippers made their way into Golden Knights games. Please recall the ECHL Las Vegas Wranglers’ memorable “Over 18 Night,” which featured a “Stripper 101” tutorial for fans and members of the American Storm All-Male Review wiggling through the concourse. And here we thought a free magnetic calendar was the best fan giveaway.

Anyway, if this is your bag, you can watch Golden Knights hockey at a Vegas strip club viewing party. And really, you’ve never truly witnessed an NHL game until you’ve watched it with eight ounces of oil and glitter in your eyes.

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