Paul Stastny casually scoops up teeth after taking stick to face

Are you squeamish? Then you might want to sit this one out.

Midway through overtime between Vegas and Montreal on Saturday, Golden Knights centre Paul Stastny wound up on the receiving end of an errant high stick, courtesy of Joel Armia. But that was just the gory beginning.

Stastny crumpled to the ice immediately after the incident as his face began gushing blood. And, in a scene that will make “old-time hockey” fans spit out their dentures, he began to casually pick his own teeth up off the ice while the referees convened to sort out the penalty.

Yeah, pretty hardcore.

The worst part of the sequence (aside from Stastny’s, errr, his team’s, incoming dental bill) is that it was entirely accidental. Evidenced in the footage above, Armia was simply attempting to clear the puck out of his own end and unfortunately struck Stastny’s face with the follow-through. It goes to show just how little space separates a routine play and a grisly injury.

Here’s hoping Stastny makes a swift recovery.

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