Vegan restaurant employee faces backlash after ‘rude’ exchange with customers

A server told a parent she couldn’t feed her kid a ham sandwich at the vegan restaurant he worked at. The employee wondered if he was in the wrong and consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. While the vegan restaurant usually allows parents to bring in outside food for their kids, it is usually baby food in containers. “I tell the women that meat can’t be eaten on the premises. They get upset and say the kid will go hungry” . “In the interests of our other customers, we cannot have ham eaten here, especially inside and especially using our plates” . “They get angrier and say they’ll take their meals to go and won’t be back. On the way out, they shout that I’m disgusting for depriving a child of its food” . Reddit users thought the server made the correct decision. “They were super rude,” one person said. “Weird and disrespectful to the eating establishment,” another wrote