Vegan mom faces backlash after serving ‘weirdo’ meal to her kids’ friends: ‘I don’t understand’

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A mother is feuding with another parent over vegan “chicken” nuggets.

The mom went on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum to share an incident that went down with another child’s mother. When the Reddit user’s children had friends over, she made them a quick snack but little did she know it would set the other parent off. 

“My family isn’t really vegan. We eat fish and cheese but try not to eat pork, beef and chicken. Anyway, my children had friends [over] so I decided to cook something to feed eight hungry kids. I made nuggets and fries,” the user wrote. “The kids loved them. They asked where I got them because they want their parents to buy the same. I told them the brand and that they were vegan. The kids thought it was funny because they were so good.”

But the next day, a parent was outraged. 

“I woke up to several texts from a mom (she’s the parent to two of the kids that were at my house) asking why didn’t I ask her before I fed her children ‘weirdo food.’ That now her boys want to eat more vegan food. I apologized saying that I didn’t think it was a problem, but she called me an a****** because I probably turned her kids vegan. I can understand her anger but I don’t understand why I’m the a******. The boys didn’t get sick and they enjoyed the nuggets,” the user explained

Reddit users sided with the vegan mom on this one. 

“As long as you didn’t feed them anything they’re allergic to who cares,” one person commented

“You fed kids. Kids liked food. Veganism doesn’t enter into it” another added

“Food is food and she should be thankful her kids aren’t starving,” someone wrote.

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