Vegan air fryer snack recipes from TikTok

Craving a vegan snack that’s quick and easy?. Here are five tasty air fryer recipes from TikTok that you need to try. Vegan air fryer spring rolls These vegan air fryer spring rolls are protein-packed and full of fresh veggies! . Vegan air fryer “goat cheese” stuffed dates These decadent vegan air fryer “goat cheese” stuffed dates make the perfect party snack! . Vegan air fryer chocolate chip cookies If you’re craving a sweet treat, try these vegan air fryer chocolate chip cookies! . Vegan air fryer “chicken” nuggets These creative vegan “chicken” nuggets are made with chickpeas!. Vegan air fryer four-ingredient crispy tofu This vegan four-ingredient crispy tofu snack is so easy to make!

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