They’ve got flocks in flow places: Hockey hair goes country

The Masters. The Rose Bowl. One Shining Moment.

In sports, we value traditions. It might be the din of a game on the AM radio or taking your sweat-stained mitt to the yard in hopes of catching that elusive foul ball. It's a beverage on the patio, a layup through dusty nylon above the garage. We all have our "thing." Often, it's personal. This is what Dad did, what Mom perfected. It's why we love the game.

Come this time of year, Minnesota bands together in droves for one purpose: high school hockey. The 16 teams that earn their way to Xcel Energy Center deserve to be lauded for their play on the ice. Trophies are handed out. Hugs are squeezed. Tears are shed. And we wait for the calendar to again hit mid-March to do it all over again.

But not before one last homage to the week hits the masses. The All Hockey Hair Team. You know it. You love it. It's tradition.

Saddle up.