Varsity Packer soccer wins second consecutive region championship

Apr. 1—MOULTRIE — For the second consecutive season, the varsity Packers soccer team went undefeated in region play to win the championship title.

At the end of the 2022-23 season the Packers defeated Richmond Hill 3-2.

Getting off to a slow start, Richmond Hill scored two goals before the Packers came back to score all three of their goals in the last 15 minutes of the first half.

Now graduated Packer athletes Luke Brogdon and Lee Duvergel scored the first two.

Still a current Packer athlete, Bryan Ortiz knocked the ball behind the goalie for the final goal of the game.

Not only was this victory the first region win with the home field advantage since 2018, it was also the final game before the retirement of head coach Jimbo Jarvis — who after 25 years had an overall record of 133-51-2 — from his coaching career.

Friday, May 29, the Packers won the final game of region play in the 2023-24 season to again finish in first with a record of 8-0.

The Packers won the game 5-0, shutting out Richmond Hill.

"They dominated with class," said current assistant coach Marcus Lopez. "The boys kept possession of the ball and played really well."

}Maintaining their focus on playing wide, the Packers were continually able to score against Richmond Hill.

Ortiz assisted in the first goal of the game with a forward pass to Christian Mata for the final touch.

Mata, putting the ball in play through a corner kick, was the assist for Hudson Glenn to have the final touch for the 2nd goal of the game.

Hudson also had the final touch on the third goal, after receiving a cross pass from Jessie Guerrero, when he used his chest to stop the ball before sending it past the goalie.

Also having a foot in the fourth goal, this time Glenn had the assist when he threw the ball into play and Edgar Contreras sent the ball into the back of the net.

For the final goal of the game, Guerrero passed the ball but the Richmond Hill defender got a pass touch on it.

Ortiz was still able to get the next touch, and got the ball past the goalie for the final goal of the game.

Defensively, the Packers were also playing very solid.

Goalkeeper Wilson Hulett had seven amazing saves to keep Richmond Hill from getting on the scoreboard.

"The entire region season the Packers only allowed seven goals," said Lopez. "Offensively, they scored 39 goals this season."

Primary defenders during the game against Richmond Hill included Glenn, Dierick Espinoza, Irineo Daniel Martins and Uziel Garcia.

"We are very seasoned in the defense," said Lopez. "They have all been playing together since elementary age and when you have that kind of chemistry its easier push the defense into the attacking position and you can starting seeing the defenders get some of those goals."

This game was played on Richmond Hill territory, but the win ensures the Packers are guaranteed two games in the region tournament will be at Packer Park.

"The team is continuously playing and acting as one unit," said current head coach Colby Simpson. "Each one of them are all contributing wholeheartedly to each game."

Going on to explain no matter the position of the athlete, if they are a starter or a younger player who is still growing in the program, each Packer on the roster understands their role and is 100 percent committed to supporting and building each other up.

Now that the team has celebrated another region championship, they are working toward preparing for the upcoming tournament.

As of now the opponent is TBD, but the first of these games will take place on April 17 at 5:30 p.m.