Van Ness will help raise the Packers' physicality

Mike Florio and Chris Simms shed light on how Lukas Van Ness will strengthen the Packers' defensive attitude.

Video Transcript

MIKE FLORIO: I mentioned Lukas Van Ness, very flexible, versatile inside, outside. The big story on him was he never started a game at Iowa. It doesn't matter. He's still a great player.

That's who the Packers get with that 13th pick and they need help defensively. We talk so much about the offense and Aaron Rodgers, and maybe they were going to take a receiver in that spot. They need to take care of that defense. That defense has been one of the reasons why they've struggled to reach their potential recently.

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CHRIS SIMMS: Yeah, right. We've talked about just a lack of those physical, in-your-face killers that we talk about with the 49ers or the Chiefs, where they just run through the wall and they don't ask, right? That's something I think you and I have hit on a lot with the Packers, that they don't have that type of attitude, or at least it doesn't pop through the screen that way. You get guys like this, Kenny Clark now, Devonte Wyatt who they took in the first round last year out of Georgia, a D tackle.

Quay Walker, the middle linebacker, you hope he's better, right? Yeah, you hope that now this makes their team, it's physical and dynamic up front. You couple it with Preston Smith and Rashan Gary on the edge, man, they got a lot of versatility and players that can mess an offense up right now. Van Ness is a Swiss army knife, can be a JJ Watt type of football player. Edge rusher, D tackle, disruptive that way. I think it's a really good fit and good for Lukas Van Ness, Hercules baby.