UT's women’s lacrosse team wants to be the next Spartans team crowned

TAMPA, Fla. - For three years running, the University of Tampa's women’s lacrosse team is back on the hunt in search of the school's first national title for their program. This team is on the climb, and they're looking to lean on their playoff experience to lead them to a national championship.

"I know the first time I was going to NCAA's I was very nervous," Spartan's senior Sarah Hinkle told Fox 13 Sports. "Literally seeing the NCAA banners (around the practice field), like this is so legit. How am I a part of the NCAA tournament? But now that we've had a couple of years under our belt, we feel confident. We know we are supposed to be here."

"I think it's turning into a bit of an expectation for this team," Spartan head coach Kelly Gallagher said. "That's what they want. They want to succeed nationally. They're excited about doing it. They've been talking about it since September."

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The Spartans are led by Sarah Hinkle, UT's all-time leader in goals and points.

"I don't know who is going to surpass her," Gallagher stated. "Definitely is going to be something that we are going to have to replace in the future. "Trying not to worry about that right now. I'm trying to enjoy the time I have with her."

There is a wave of success sweeping across UT's campus this spring. It started with the men's swim team winning their first national championship. It was followed up with the women's beach volleyball team defending their title and now UT has three more teams in the postseason looking to add more crowns.

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"This is the first spring season that all spring teams have made it to the NCAA tournament ever," Hinkle said. "So, it's just great to be surrounded by all of these athletes that are doing the same thing that you're doing. We're all fighting for that trophy at the end of the season."

"Women's basketball went to the elite again, Men's Swimming won the national championship, we want to do that too," Gallagher shared.

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