Utah Jazz rookies hazed with sparkly pink nail polish, ruining their manhood forever (Photos)

It is established practice in sports to haze newcomers at any opportunity. This is true at most conceivable levels — high school, college, senior's league, etc. — and the NBA is no different. A rookie can expect to be made a fool at various points throughout the season, because that's simply their lot in life. The best they can do is shrug it off and move on with their careers.

Utah Jazz rookies Rudy Gobert and Ian Clark were recently made to bear one such prank. As part of training camp, the team's veterans had both players paint their nails a sparkly pink. As you can see from the photo above, the closeup after the jump, and one upset tweet, neither was particularly enthused about it (via For The Win).

Here's a closeup of Gobert's professional-quality manicure:

And his reaction to the suggestion that he keep the look for his next game:

You really have to hand it to Gobert and Clark for standing up for an important issue in society. The popularity of breast cancer awareness marketing sometimes obscures the fact that little money associated with these campaigns actually goes towards research. This practice, known as pinkwashing, often gets people to think they're supporting a cause without any meaningful work being done. It primarily exists to serve as positive press for the corporations that support it, and these rookies are correct to point out this problem.

Wait, what's that? They just think pink is effeminate? Oh, well then someone should tell them to grow up.

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