Whether she runs for office or not, Megan Rapinoe will 'fight for equal pay every day'

Megan Rapinoe may not be running for office, but she won't quit fighting for what she believes in anytime soon.

Megan Rapinoe has been extremely open about her political beliefs throughout the 2019 Women’s World Cup this summer.

The United States Women’s National Team captain even repeatedly stood her ground in a cross-Atlantic spat with President Donald Trump throughout the tournament, and has openly criticized him and his administration in the wake of the USWNT’s World Cup win.

Some fans, while they were likely joking, have since called for Rapinoe to run for political office — whether that be in the 2020 presidential race or elsewhere.

While she didn’t commit to running for political office in some capacity, Rapinoe echoed her repeated calls for equal pay on Sunday morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“I [will] continue to keep playing,” Rapinoe said when asked about her future. “I’m not sure I’m qualified for office.”

“There’s no qualifications for office these days,” NBC’s Chuck Todd quickly interjected.

“That’s true. Up to [President Barack Obama] I guess there was,” Rapinoe said.

Rapinoe, whether as an official politician or not, said she will not quit fighting for what she believes in — and that includes equal pay, a movement that has exploded among the USWNT and fans alike.

She isn’t just talking about the USWNT receiving equal treatment, either. She means everybody.

“I’m going to fight for equal pay every day for myself, for my team and for every single person out there, man, woman, immigrant, U.S. citizen, person of color, whatever it may be,” Rapinoe said. “Equal pay, as the great Serena Williams said, until I’m in my grave.”

Rapinoe was also asked about her legacy, and what she hopes other young women feel after watching their win at the World Cup.

“I hope they feel inspired,” Rapinoe said. “That they’re worth every penny and more, and that they have fun and with a smile doing it.”

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