US's oldest horse show returns to Virginia for 171st year

UPPERVILLE, Va. - The United States' oldest horse show will return for its 171st year this week.

The Upperville Colt and Horse Show presented by Mars Equestrian™ will present more than 2,000 horse and rider duos competing in various disciplines, including international-level show jumping, hunters and equitation.

The event, starting June 3 and ending on June 9, begins at 8 a.m. and runs until around 5 p.m., ending with a $226,000 equestrian race.

The show is at 8321 John Mosby Hw., Upperville, VA, where the event is being held; the same showgrounds the first time it was held in 1853. Parking and general admission are free.

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More information on the event and the history of the horse show can be found at