Users question whether Instagram was hacked after strange comment trend

You're probably tired of seeing "nah he tweakin" on your Instagram feed. But there's a reason why it's the internet's new catchphrase. Some wondered if it was caused by spambots when they saw the same comment again and again on every post. Others thought it might be an Instagram glitch. However, the viral phrase actually started with rapper Lil Nas X. Previously, Lil Nas X released "Satan Shoes" containing a drop of human blood, which caused outrage among many. Tony hawk recently released a limited edition skateboard that was painted with his own blood, but there was little fanfare or controversy. Twitter user @mikeisalengend5 posted screenshots of an Instagram post for the skateboard that said, "Tony Hawk's blood is being used in $500 limited edition skateboards. Y'all rockin' with it?" . In response, Lil Nas X commented, "nah he tweakin". In response, Lil Nas X commented, "nah he tweakin". The phrase quickly took off and people started repeating it on Instagram