USC might be banged up, but Trojans need to show some strength and toughness

Injuries are a fact of life in football. Teams might be limited, but the players who are available to play can’t simply lament their fate and sulk. They have to perform when called upon.

The very best teams find solutions to their limitations. Players down the depth chart might not instantly become better, but in the course of time — with enough practice and film study — find ways to improve and make a real contribution to the team and its goals. Teams find ways to cultivate toughness and replace injured players with competent backups.

In the back seven of the USC defense, we really haven’t seen that in recent weeks.

Against Colorado, it’s time for the Trojans to display a little backbone on defense and stop getting shredded.

It has been a full month since we last saw a good game from the 2022 USC defense. The Trojans shut out Washington State in the second half on Oct. 8. That was the last time USC played well on that side of the ball.

Buffaloes Wire has noted USC’s struggles and limitations. Could this be a game in which Colorado actually takes advantage of one of its opponents?

USC can’t allow that reality to emerge. It’s time for some toughness.


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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire