USC defense won’t earn benefit of the doubt vs Nevada; it’s a year-long pursuit

The USC defense and Alex Grinch won’t be “back” if they do well against Nevada on Saturday. The Trojans and their defense will earn respect by what they do over the course of a full season, particularly in the biggest games on the calendar. Will they succeed? Will they fail? Those questions mean little, even though everyone is asking them. What matters is that no one thinks success is guaranteed (or unattainable). Every week is a test and a chance to improve a reputation.

Trojans Wire editor Matt Zemek spoke to Nick Shepkowski of Fighting Irish Wire about the USC defense:

“What specifically offers cause to think Alex Grinch won’t get this problem figured out at USC? He was blitzing on 3rd and 22 instead of putting seven or eight guys back in coverage. He is using complex schemes instead of just turning loose the front four and letting them play. Players are being shuffled all over the field in different roles. Multiple players were given different roles and responsibilities during this San Jose State game. The desire to see where players fit best on the field is completely understandable, but that came at the expense of clarity and simplicity for players.”

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire