USC defense needs to work on fixing one specific problem

USC defense needs to work on fixing one specific problem

There are lots of ways in which the USC defense can improve. When a situation is highly flawed and contains numerous inadequacies, not everything can be fixed at once. The people in charge of solving the larger, multi-pronged problem have to start somewhere.

Fix the especially big and urgent problem first. Then work on other things in a continuous process of development and refinement.

At The Voice of College Football’s USC postgame show last weekend, co-host Tim Prangley noted that USC’s lines of pursuit and the angles tacklers take need to be better. Specifically, USC’s paths of pursuit need to create containment and steer ball-carriers or quarterbacks to the middle of the field, instead of giving them an outside lane in which to run.

You can catch The Voice of College Football USC postgame show live after this Saturday night’s Cal game and after every USC football game this season.


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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire