USC and the College Football Playoff: Don’t be seduced, just go out and produce

The USC Trojans are not dead in the pursuit of a College Football Playoff berth. In early November, it’s exciting to know that they’re still in the hunt for the No. 4 seed in the playoff. It shows how far this program has come in just one year under Lincoln Riley. Naturally, we’re going to wonder if this team can actually pull it off. The Trojans are No. 8 in the playoff rankings heading into Friday night’s game versus Colorado. It’s fun, let’s not deny that.

However: No USC player should be preoccupied or centrally worried about making the playoff.

The total focus of this team should be on winning games and improving as a whole. That’s where every ounce of thought and energy should be directed.

The offense has been very, very good this season, but it leaves at least some points on the field every game. There’s a dropped pass here and an overthrown ball there and a penalty over there. The offense can still be better.

The defense and special teams were disastrously bad against Cal.

Can USC make the playoff? Let’s focus on winning and improving first.


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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire