Usain Bolt had to take a drug test in Australia and he wasn't happy about it

Usain Bolt doesn’t have a professional soccer contract yet, but he still has to take a drug test. (Getty Images)
Usain Bolt doesn’t have a professional soccer contract yet, but he still has to take a drug test. (Getty Images)

Usain Bolt is making progress in his second career as a soccer player. The retired sprinter scored the first goals of his professional career just last week, and while he doesn’t yet have a professional contract with a club, he could be offered one soon. And Bolt knows he’s made the big time because he’s already being asked to submit to a drug test.

Bolt posted an Instagram story in which he incredulously told the story of receiving a drug testing notice, despite not having a professional contract with any team. Via Fox Sports Australia:

“So guys I’ve retired from track and field looking to become a footballer but look at this, how am I going to get a drug test today? I’m not even a professional footballer yet. Seriously.”

Bolt then zoomed in on the notice, which is from the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority. (Bolt has been in Australia training with the A-League Central Coast Mariners.) The notice asks for both blood and urine, and indicated that he needed to report to the designated testing facility immediately.

Bolt’s Instagram story continued:

“So I asked the lady, ‘Why am I getting drug tested when I haven’t signed for a club yet?’ and she said they told her I’m an elite athlete so I have to get tested.”

Well, it’s hard to argue with the “elite athlete” point. Bolt may not officially be a professional soccer player yet, but he’s not some schlub who appeared out of nowhere. He’s won eight Olympic gold medals, with three coming in 2016. More recently, he competed at the World Championships in 2017. His world records for the 100m and 200m still stand. He was so good at sprinting that he decided to retire and try a whole other sport!

Even though he’s just training, he’s still an athlete playing a regulated sport in Australia, and those are the rules. Professional contract or not, it looks like Bolt will have to take that drug test. But good news! There’s no rule that says he has to like it.

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