Usain Bolt dunks in Celebrity Game (VIDEO)

When the NBA released its rosters for All-Star Weekend's Celebrity Game, one name stood out above all others: Usain Bolt, legendary Jamaican sprinter and six-time Olympic gold medalist. As Kelly Dwyer noted last Friday, Bolt loves to play basketball, even if he's pretty bad at it. In the Celeb Game, we could see one of the world's best athletes in an unfamiliar setting.

Bolt was not particularly impressive in his East squad's 58-38 loss, but he did contribute the highlight of the night. In the final minute of the first quarter, the 6-5 Bolt streaked down the court and took a long-range pass. After collecting himself (read: committing and uncalled traveling violation), Bolt rose up and finished a two-handed slam. Check it out in the video above.

I don't believe that Bolt will be quitting his day job for basketball, but this play does help demonstrate the level of his athleticism. Despite the fact that he's not very good at the sport, Bolt managed to run up the court ahead of all others (admittedly not that impressive considering that group includes "Hunger Games" star Josh Hutcherson), caught the ball on the run, slowed down, and jumped up soon after for the dunk. That's not an easy thing to do, but Bolt made it look simple enough. There aren't many people outside of high-level basketball who can do that.

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