USA TODAY Ad Meter's top 10 commercials during Super Bowl 56

An adorable robotic dog. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sloths. Barbie. A financially savvy baby. Two inspiring brothers. A pack of joyriding Joneses … and one Jonas.

In other circumstances, people might view that type of playlist combo with a head-scratching squint. But when it comes to the Super Bowl commercials, it's the type of star power mixed with wild twists and concepts that have become expected — and what makes the advertising spectacle such a treat.

Set with the Hollywood sign as a backdrop on this year's big game, much of the anticipation and expectations were for the Super Bowl 56 commercials to follow in the entertainment footsteps associated with the city.

And the ads certainly didn't miss the proverbial mark.

The breaks in the action were like an abbreviated movie marathon, with big-name celebs, stunning productions, and overall creative efforts that kept our collective eyes glued to the screen.

All of it made for an incredible USA TODAY Ad Meter, too. The 34th ratings had nearly 150,000 panelists weighing in on the pop-culture conversation, adding another impressive chapter to the all-time vault.

Overall, there were 64 ads in the competition's national lineup. After the curtain closed in the wee hours of Feb. 14, these were the top 10:

10. E-Trade: "Off the Grid"

USA TODAY Ad Meter Rating: 6.22

9. Toyota: "The Joneses"

USA TODAY Ad Meter Rating: 6.31

8. NFL: "Bring Down The House"

USA TODAY Ad Meter Rating: 6.32

7. BMW: "Zeus & Hera"

USA TODAY Ad Meter Rating: 6.46

6. Lay's: "Golden Memories"

USA TODAY Ad Meter Rating: 6.50

5. Toyota: "Brothers"

USA TODAY Ad Meter Rating: 6.51

4. Kia: "Robo Dog / The All-Electric Kia EV6"

USA TODAY Ad Meter Rating: 6.61

3. Doritos/Cheetos: "Push It"

USA TODAY Ad Meter Rating: 6.73

2. Amazon: "Mind Reader"

USA TODAY Ad Meter Rating: 6.77

1. Rocket Homes and Rocket Mortgage: "Dream House with Anna Kendrick and Barbie"

USA TODAY Ad Meter Rating: 6.82


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