U.S. Open: Henrik Stenson clocks dude with golf ball, takes pic with him on the ground [Updated]

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. — One of the benefits of golf tournaments is that you can get right up next to the players. One of the drawbacks is that sometimes, that’s because they just leveled you with a golf ball.

On Saturday at the U.S. Open, Henrik Stenson sent a shot on 16 into the Pebble Beach crowd and knocked a fan to the ground. Bad news, right? Medical staff was on the scene and began attending to him as Stenson walked up.

Different players handle this situation in different ways. Some hand over a signed ball. Phil Mickelson, according to legend, hands over a signed glove with a $100 bill tucked into it. Stenson, however, may just have changed the game ...

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... he laid on the ground and posed for a photo. Here, take a look:

And here’s another angle:

Weird. Generous, good-natured, but still a bit weird. The fan’s presumably OK, just rattled ... but he’s clearly got a photo for the ages. Hey, fan, if you see this, send a copy to us on Twitter, OK? At least photos last longer than bruises.

Stenson finished at -4 for the day, seven strokes off the lead. You never know, folks might be diving in front of his shots Sunday.

Update: We got one of the photos!

Henrik Stenson & friends. (Sent to Yahoo Sports)
Henrik Stenson & friends. (Sent to Yahoo Sports)


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