Urine and worms are on the menu during disgusting 'Bachelor' date

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On The Bachelor, the ladies left the comfy confines of the mansion and headed to Lake Tahoe. Arie took the majority of the ladies out into the wilderness for a survival training group date. But it was basically just to gross them out.

Arie was there with some survival experts who told the ladies that in order to survive if they were ever stranded in the wild, they might need to drink their own urine. So the experts handed out some bottles for the women to do their business in, and off they went into the woods for some privacy.

When they all returned with their pee-filled containers, Arie showed them how it’s done. While pinching his nose, Arie tipped back his bottle and started drinking. Almost all of the ladies were, understandably, disgusted to see their potential husband drinking his own pee. But there were a couple of women who weren’t grossed out. “I’m impressed,” Tia exclaimed. “This man can make it out in the wilderness. I feel like he could protect me.”

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But Jaqueline took it one step further and was like, “I’m doing it,” and started to tip back her bottle. Arie quickly shouted, “Wait! Wait, wait, wait — it was just apple juice,” and everyone had a big laugh.

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