Uriah Hall calls next dibs on Jake Paul, revenge for Anderson Silva: ‘I don’t back up with boxing gloves on’

Uriah Hall calls next dibs on Jake Paul, revenge for Anderson Silva: ‘I don’t back up with boxing gloves on’

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Jake Paul has a knack for boxing former MMA fighters, and Uriah Hall wants to join the list.

Following their respective wins Saturday at Desert Diamond Arena, Hall (1-0) called for a bout against the star of the show Paul (6-0). He did so immediately in his in-ring interview – and then elaborated on the callout at a post-fight news conference.

“I definitely think I could take him,” Hall told MMA Junkie and other reporters. “He has an awkward style. I was watching him. His style will lure you in. It’s almost like it’s hard to hit him, the way he stands a certain way and throws these awkward punches. In all his fights, he almost does the same thing. I definitely think I could give him a challenge, because I’ll come at him. He’ll hit me, but I’ll come at him. I don’t back up with boxing gloves on. I take a couple shots, but I’ll come at you. Le’Veon (Bell) was probably one of the hardest-hitting dudes with those gloves on that I’ve ever felt. I don’t think Jake hits that hard. Yeah, bro, you don’t. Yeah, I said it.”

Paul, 25, defeated former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva via unanimous decision and even scored a knockdown. Despite no allegiance to MMA outside of admiration, Hall desires to avenge his former MMA opponent’s loss.

“You should’ve heard me in the background,” Hall said. “I was like, ‘Revenge is coming.’ It sucked. It even sucked when I had to fight him. Anderson has done so much for the sport. He inspired a lot of people, some people in this room. He’s an icon. He’s a legend. When people say that I’m a legend, I’m like, ‘That dude is a legend.’ I have so much respect for him. It hurt to watch, but I’ve got to separate those emotions. At the end of the day, it’s the skillset. Jake Paul did what he had to do to win, but I definitely felt it for Anderson.”


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Hall, 38, announced his retirement from MMA in August. In what was his professional boxing debut, Hall defeated ex-NFL standout Bell by unanimous decision.

The experience, Hall indicated, was much more up his alley compared to MMA. While he was noncommittal to his specific next move, Hall made it sound like he’ll accept boxing matches that come his way – as long as they seem like a mechanism for him to have fun.

“I’m just having fun,” Hall said. “When I was on vacation, I got this call from my coach. I was like, ‘Oh, all right.’ I was still in my weird, little world of trying to figure out what to do. Plus, I was partially depressed as well. The training definitely got me out of it. I’m just having fun. This was a completely different kind of setting. The training of course wasn’t grueling on the body. MMA is hella worse, getting up and grabbing motherf*ckers. This was just pure skill and technicality, with just the hands, the movement, and stuff like that.

“If the opportunity strikes, I’ll definitely do it. I love to compete. I’m still in my prime. I still got some more miles on me. If something comes my way, I’m doing it. For the most part, I’m just having fun. If there’s a potential chance to kick that dude’s ass, f*ck yeah, I’ll do it.”

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