Urban Meyer rounds full Jags team up to apologize for viral video situation

On Wednesday morning, Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer continued his process of trying to regain the trust of his players for his actions that took place this weekend by rounding up the whole team for an apology. In this particular meeting, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that Meyer expressed remorse for embarrassing the team, which should hopefully allow everyone to move forward.

Meyer’s apology comes after Jags owner Shad Khan released a statement, which called Meyer’s actions “inexcusable.” Khan also stated that Meyer expressed remorse to him and that the first-year coach would have to “regain our trust and respect,” which is something he was confident he could do.

As many have seen by now, the first video that brought eyes to Meyer and the organization was one where an unknown woman was dancing on him at a bar. The video came as Meyer elected not to fly from Thursday Night Football with the team. Then, in a second video that went viral on Monday, Meyer appeared to be touching the woman below the waist.

After the news of his apology came out, Meyer also spoke with the media about his conversation with the whole team and moving forward to the Tennessee Titans. Additionally, he apologized to the city of Jacksonville, too. That full presser can be seen below.