Urban Meyer reportedly continues apology tour at Jaguars team meeting

It has not been a great few days for Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer. A video of him at his Columbus-area bar in Ohio went viral over the weekend, after he'd skipped the team flight back to Florida to stay and visit his grandchildren. The video didn't show him visiting his grandkids. Instead it showed him sitting at the bar while a woman who was not his wife danced on him.

It wasn't exactly an inspiring moment for a first-time NFL coach who hasn't won a game yet.

Meyer has been apologizing to various groups since the video went viral, and on Wednesday morning he reportedly apologized to the entire team for his actions.

Meyer continues defending himself

Meyer took the podium in Jacksonville on Wednesday and answered more questions about this entire ordeal. He defended his decision to stay in Ohio, saying he'd discussed it in advance with general manager Trent Baalke. He also defended his decision to cancel Monday's team meeting, since he doesn't think big meetings are conducive to building relationships.

At this point it seems ill-advised for Meyer to continue talking about why it was OK for him to skip the team flight and stay in Ohio, or why canceling Monday's team meeting wasn't a panic move but part of his approach to leadership. The wise thing to do would be to stop talking about it and move on.

Unfortunately, Meyer hasn't done a lot of wise things over the past 5-6 days.

Meyer kept making things worse

Meyer, who not long ago seemed untouchable as a college football coach, has made a grand mess of this entirely avoidable situation. We don't know why Meyer's team-wide apology came days after he'd been dealing with the fallout from the video. One possible explanation is that every single decision Meyer has made, starting with him skipping the team flight home after Thursday's loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, has been wrong. Instead of helping himself, he has made the situation worse at every point.

He canceled the team meeting Monday and told the media he'd apologized to his family and the team, but mumbled and looked down at the podium during most of the exchange.

Instead of looking contrite and committed, Meyer looked shifty and uncomfortable. Then on Tuesday, team owner Shad Kahn released a statement about Meyer's actions after meeting with him. Kahn said he believed Meyer's apology was sincere, but he would have to work to regain his and the organization's respect and trust.

Not long after that statement was released, Jags team sources told veteran NFL reporter Mike Silver that Meyer hadn't actually apologized to the entire team and had zero credibility with his players — especially after skipping the team flight and cancelling Monday's meeting.

The reported apology to the team Wednesday is ostensibly to help get everyone back on the same page so they can start to build up trust and respect once again. The phrase "better late than never" comes to mind here, since this reported apology to the team comes days after he canceled the Monday meeting at which he should have apologized.

Meyer is likely hoping this apology can be the end of it and he and the team can move forward and focus on winning (or at least trying to win) football games. However, if he needs advice on how to get his team away from this struggle point, there's an ideal person he can ask: himself from several years ago.