Urban Meyer apparently won’t be getting $12 million per year

Mike Florio
·2 min read

On Monday, we reported that Urban Meyer wants $12 million per year to coach in the NFL. On Tuesday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media called that figure that “not relevant” (whatever that means) and “false.”

“I’m sure the former Florida and OSU coach will be well compensated if he becomes the Jaguars coach,” Rapoport adds.

Here’s what clearly isn’t relevant: Whatever Rapoport is or isn’t “sure” about when it comes to whether or not Meyer will be “well compensated.”

What does “well compensated” even mean? In comparison to who?

The attitude conveyed in that message isn’t surprising, considering that it’s ultimately coming from a media outlet owned and operated by the NFL. Coaches aren’t paid what they’re worth. Their salaries haven’t grown in an amount commensurate with the players’ salary cap. The total compensation paid to the best coaches remains hidden from view, partially in order to prevent lesser coaches from wanting more than they’re getting.

Last year, when the Panthers paid coach Matt Rhule a deal worth $9 million per year, other owners were PISSED at David Tepper for blowing the curve. “I’m sure the former Florida and OSU coach will be well compensated” sounds less like the relevant and accurate commentary of a reporter and more like the harrumphing of a Mr. Potter who hopes to keep George Bailey in line.

The other possible angle operating here is this: Meyer’s camp could be pushing back on the report because, while he may want $12 million per year, he ain’t getting it. And so it will look like he, or his agent, failed to deliver on Meyer’s preferred compensation package if/when he takes $10 million or $9 million or whatever million.

Regardless, if the Jaguars (or anyone else) believe in Meyer, $12 million isn’t out of line, given his accomplishments at the college level. While some may say that his track record at Ohio State and Florida has no relevance to the NFL (or that the apparent torment he experienced at the college level will only be worse in the NFL), if an NFL team thinks he’s the answer, $12 million per year is a much more than fair amount, given the significant impact that a great coach can have on a pro football team.

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