Upset mother rushes the stage after son’s terrible performance on ‘AGT’

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On America’s Got Talent, one doting mother wasn’t about to let the judges disparage her son’s original song and took to the stage to defend it, despite the fact that he’s a grown man. Doctor Steven Eisenberg, an Oncologist from San Diego who sings for his patients, sang a song about his number one fan (his mother) and it was obvious from the judges reactions that he would not be making it through to the next round.

As the judges began to tell Dr. Eisenberg that the song was terrible, his mom came out with a microphone and said, “Wait a minute. You have to get, he’s not here because he’s a singer.” Simon Cowell responded, “No, we got that.” When it became obvious from Simon’s face alone that pleading with him wasn’t going to work, she tried appealing to Howie Mandel. But ‘80s nostalgia may not have been the best way to go. “Howie, I wanna tell you, I understand what your mother must feel like,” she said. A confused Howie responded, “What?” “St. Elsewhere, right? You were a doctor.” “But that was pretend,” Howie replied.

She went on, “But can you imagine a mom having a son write a song about her? It’s pretty amazing.” His mom was obviously a big fan of his music, but unfortunately for Dr. Eisenberg, his mom’s pleas fell on deaf ears. All four judges voted to send him home.

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