Upgrade your vegetables with these stuffed veggie recipes

Looking for ways to transform vegetables into a hearty dinner? Here are five of the best stuffed vegetable recipes on TikTok. 1. Vegan stuffed cucumber with rice and hummus. This vegan stuffed cucumber recipe is healthy and easy to prepare. 2. Stuffed bell pepper with ground pork belly and wild rice. This decadent stuffed bell pepper recipe is perfect for dinner parties. 3. Vegan roasted butternut squash with vegetable stuffing. This vegan stuffed butternut squash makes the perfect autumnal dinner. 4. Stuffed artichoke with cheese and soppressata. This stuffed artichoke recipe might look fancy, but it’s so easy to make. 5. Stuffed zucchini with ground beef and cheese. Looking for an easy weeknight dinner? Try this stuffed zucchini recipe