Updated projections for 2025 NFL Draft compensatory picks

The 2025 NFL Draft isn’t for over 350 days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead with some projections when it comes to draft picks. The way the NFL gives compensatory picks can be tough to figure out but the folks over at Over the Cap have a formula that does a good job of predicting them.

It is important to remember, the picks we are about to discuss and the projections are just that, projections.

The NFL gives compensatory draft picks for various reasons, namely the loss of key players in free agency. In March, the team lost both Kirk Cousins and Danielle Hunter to free agency. Cousins went to Atlanta, and Hunter went to Houston.

The team is projected to receive a third-round pick for the loss of Cousins. They were also expected to receive a third-round pick for the loss of Hunter but the team signing Shaq Griffin loses that pick for them as Over the Cap explains.

“. . .3rd rounders for both Cousins and Hunter leaving were on the board…until they signed Shaquill Griffin to a one year, $4.55 million contract, leaving the Vikings with a net loss of only 1 CFA, giving the formula no choice but to cancel out Hunter’s contract with Griffin’s.”

Much goes into the formula and the projections, much more than most of us realize. Their projections are very well done and are a fun read for Viking and NFL fans alike. I strongly suggest you read their piece to further understand their reasoning for each pick being given out.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire