“Unwavering belief” links today’s Seahawks to 2013 edition

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Last year, after the Seahawks beat the Lions in Detroit, Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson told PFT that it felt like 2012 all over again for a team that most had overlooked. This year, after the Seahawks beat the Browns in Cleveland, I asked him if it feels like 2013.

“Hopefully,” Wilson said in reference to the question of whether the Seahawks can compete for and win the Super Bowl. “We’ll find out.”

He referenced that the team has young, vibrant players and a great defense, like they did six years ago. He also said that the two most prominent players who link back to the 2013 team — Wilson and linebacker Bobby Wagner — have tried to impress upon the rest of the team a mindset of “unwavering belief” that allowed them to fight through adversity and win games.

“The team had it then,” Wilson said, “and hopefuly has it now.”

The team had it on Sunday, when digging out of a 14-point hole in a tough environment in Cleveland. They’ll need it in order to stand out among the likes of the 49ers and the Rams, in a conference that features the likes of the Saints and the Packers.

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