An unusual Kendrick Lamar lyric is getting stuck in TikTok users’ head

People are analyzing a bizarre Kendrick Lamar lyric that has become a bit of an earworm on TikTok. Rapper Baby Keem dropped his latest album the melodic blue in September. Several tracks feature adlibs by Lamar. On the song "range brothers" Lamar repeats the line "top of the morning" seven times to close out the track. For whatever, reason people have seemed to latch on to the repetitive lyric. Some have even shared their theories on Twitter. "The neominimal-expressionism serves as a representation for the seven days a week, a characterization of Kendrick's hustle". Meanwhile, @thoughtfulbae believed it was a reference to Lamar's former record label Top Dawg Entertainment. But others like @strappedhh felt it was just designed to be more fodder for TikTok virality. And they might have been right since the line quickly made its way to the platform. The phrase "top of the morning to you" is an Irish greeting that means "the best part of the morning to you"