'Unreal' indoor skydiving routine stuns TikTok: 'Something I never thought existed'

This gravity-defying indoor skydiving routine is mesmerizingly beautiful. Indoor skydiving is when a person "flies" in a vertical wind tunnel contained in a column. While protective gear for the whole body is needed, the practice is much more accessible than real skydiving. Flyers can start as young as 4 years old, and some have been over 100 years old. Moreover, people with physical differences or disabilities can often participate as well. Maja Kuczynska is a competitive skydiver both indoors and outdoors. She shared her first-round routine from the 2022 FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships on TikTok. In the stunning performance, Kuczynska wore a futuristic white jumpsuit and helmet as she twirled midair in a giant column. She flipped and spun upside down and sideways before perfectly landing on her feet when the routine ended. Kuczynska's video racked up over 1 million views on TikTok. "This is something I never thought existed. Super cool sport," someone wrote. "Amazing. It just looks so unreal. You are talented!" another said

Video Transcript