University of Michigan trolls Ohio State — again

·1 min read

In 2019, Ohio State attempted — and failed — to trademark the word ‘the,’ made famous in Columbus due to players and fans emphasizing the article before saying Ohio State University. And back then, the University of Michigan trolled OSU on social media for the effort.

Well, in 2022, all old things are new again.

OSU managed to be successful, three years later, at trademarking the ‘the,’ as it was announced on Wednesday. Thus, Michigan was at it, yet again.

Rekindling the exact troll from 2019, the official University of Michigan Twitter account quote tweeted the news of OSU’s trademark grant with a screenshot of the original troll, indicating that U-M would trademark the word ‘of’ which, of course, connects university and Michigan.

Of course, this is all banter that’s in good fun when it comes to the rivalry. Still, given the hatred for all things Michigan in the state to the south, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Ohioans took great offense to Michigan’s good-natured ribbing.


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