University of Houston will comply with NFL's directive to ditch Oilers-style uniforms

Who's afraid of the big, bad Shield?

The University of Houston, among others.

Via Joseph Duarte of the Houston Chronicle, the school has decided to comply with the NFL’s demand that it stop using Oilers-inspired throwback jerseys.

A recent letter from the University of Houston to the NFL expressed disagreement with the league's position, but the school nevertheless agreed to comply. The school also removed some social-media posts containing images of the uniforms, and it removed images of the uniforms from hype videos.

The school said it has not sold any merchandise related to the uniforms.

The light blue color scheme has been incorporated into uniforms for other fall sports, and the school is looking into the addition of the blue color scheme as an alternate jersey for the football team.

Whatever they do, they should tread lightly. Big Shield is watching.