University Book Store headlines: 9.19.17

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Radio: Big win on the road -

Injuries might cause 'hodgepodge' in lineups -

Brohm 'pleased' with non-conference effort, results -

Updates: Brohm press conference -

First Look: Michigan -

First thoughts: Get Hyped -

Boilermaker Breakdown: Week 3 - ($)

Offense has more room to go - Journal & Courier

Purdue continues to raise its own bar - Journal & Courier ($)

Michigan view: From the sidelines - The Wolverine ($)

Harbaugh's radio show - The Wolverine

Michigan's Gary: The best to come for defense - The Wolverine

Harbaugh talks injuries and more - The Wolverine

'Work in Progress' Offense preps for Michigan D - Anderson Herald Bulletin

Boilermakers are the talk of college football: Sellout possible -

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