Unique acts throw ‘American Idol’ judges for a loop: ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’

A jazz singing viking, Cuban hip-hop artist and truly original trans boy from Oklahoma were just some of the acts who surprised the judges on Sunday’s “American Idol.” The unique acts caused Katy Perry to recall the old adage, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

While dressed as a viking, Anthony Guzman earned a ticket to Hollywood with his surprising rendition of “Cry Me a River.” During his performance, judge Luke Bryan exclaimed, “Holy hell, that's a curveball!”

Cuban artist Yursibel also brought a unique style to the auditions. The Pitbull fan would have made his idol proud with his over the top performance “Fireball.” The interesting audition drew mixed reviews from the judges but he managed to advance to the next round.

Unfortunately not all of the unique acts made it through, like viewer favorite Ace Stiles. Stiles, a 16 year old trans boy, dazzled with his performance of an original song but the judges did not send him to Hollywood. While many viewers were confused why Yurisbel advanced and Stiles did not, the proud singer reminded us all that the most important critic is yourself.

“I didn't need any of you to tell me I'm not worth it, 'cause I am worth it, and I figured it out on my own,” said Stiles. “I like myself, and I wouldn't have it any other way, 'cause I think I'm pretty cool.”