Unhappy Steelers fan creates petition to remove new stadium name

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Unhappy Steelers fan creates petition to remove new stadium name originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Embracing change isn’t always easy.

One unhappy Pittsburgh Steelers fan is echoing that sentiment just days after the team announced that Acrisure Stadium will be the stadium's new name for the next 15 years.

Daniel Sass, a longtime Steelers fan, has created a Change.org petition to have the name removed and begin the search for a new one – emphasizing that "anything" would be better than Acrisure Stadium.

"Heinz Field is the only sponsored stadium that the team has ever played in. Previously playing at Three Rivers Stadium, Pitt Stadium, and before that, Forbes Field," the petition reads. "But now the Heinz Field sponsorship is no more. It’s new name was just announced and it is HORRIBLE!!!!

"An out-of-state sponsor comes in and inflicts this name change on us that isn’t even easy to pronounce."

With a goal of 1,000 signatures, over 800 people as of Thursday afternoon have already signed the petition.

Fan shirts have also hit the market in support of leaving the old stadium name intact. "I'm Still Calling It Heinz Field'' t-shirts are currently being sold on smackapparel.com.


Acrisure Stadium was named after Acrisure, an insurance brokerage firm out of Michigan. They came to terms on a 15-year deal for the venue's naming rights. 

The Steelers clearly aren't going to drop their sponsorship with Acrisure and bring back "Heinz Field," so fans might have to start practicing that pronunciation and get prepared for the season ahead.