An unexpected Father’s Day trip down memory lane

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The longer I do this, the more I wonder why I do it. This endless stream of news and analysis and opinion and whatever disappears into the electronic ether almost as fast as I can hunt and peck it into existence.

Every day. Another 10 or 12 or 15 or 20 stories. Every day. Another set of videos from PFT Live or #PFTPM or wherever pasted into the stories. Every day. New content. New articles. New whatever. And everything that came before ends up having dramatically less value and relevance.

And then something occurs that shows me that maybe, for some, there’s something more permanent somewhere in some of these words. I received an email last night from a reader with this message: “One of the most inspirational things you have posted for myself was your Father’s Day post about it not being about us. Can you please repost it on this Father’s Day so my dad and brother can see it and any other father who had not seen it can read it and carry one the words you spoke? Tomorrow is not about us, it’s about being a better father brother son husband uncle and friend.”

I didn’t remember ever posting anything like that. I tried to searched for it in the box at the top of the site. I went back to 2017. Nothing. I told him I couldn’t find it and that I don’t remember writing it.

So he found it instead. From Father’s Day in 2012. The words aren’t particularly profound and the post is fairly short. But, man, the fact that it stuck with someone all this time was an eye-opener.

Here’s the point, if you didn’t click on the story. Yes, today is a day meant for all fathers to be appreciated. It also should be a day when all fathers recommit to their obligations and responsibilities. To realize that everything we say and do creates an example that could be emulated by anyone who witnesses it. To take a little bit of pride in who we are while also resolving to constantly strive to become better versions of ourselves.

For me, the fact that something from 10 years ago is still rattling around inside someone else’s brain makes me more determined than ever to keep going. To realize that there’s a small shred of value lurking somewhere in all of this, even if I spend plenty of time doubting that. That maybe it’s not as temporary and fleeting as it seems to be, even as the words flow from by brain through my fingers and I wonder whether anyone will be reading any of this beyond the current day, the current hour, the current moment.

Everything we say and do has some potential degree of permanence, no matter how temporary it may seem. That’s why it’s important to adopt and maintain an unwavering commitment to at all times living a life that respects and loves others, reveres and honors truth, and embraces fairness and justice in all matters, big and small.

The big stuff is obvious when it transpires. The vast major of our lives linger in the small. That’s where fathers need to prove themselves, every single day — no matter how boring, ordinary, or mundane that day may seem.

Here’s hoping that your Father’s Day is anything but boring, ordinary, or mundane. Here’s also hoping that we use this day to realize that our most important work often happens when it feels like nothing is really happening at all.

An unexpected Father’s Day trip down memory lane originally appeared on Pro Football Talk