Under Center Podcast: With NBC Sports Soccer’s Arlo White and Roger Bennett

Under Center Podcast: With NBC Sports Soccers Arlo White and Roger Bennett originally appeared on nbcsportschicago.com

Two of the biggest Bears fans you'll meet happen to be two of the most recognizable voices of NBC Sports' Premier League coverage. Arlo White, the lead play by play announcer for NBC's Premier League coverage, grew up in Leicester and fell in love with Chicago and the Bears in the 1980s, following games on a faint armed forces radio signal.

Roger Bennett of the Men in Blazers used to call random 312 numbers from a friend's house as a kid in Liverpool to find out what the Bears' score was. Hear from both about how they became Bears fans, how they've followed the team over the years and what they think of the 2018 side - which they both predict to beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

0:00: Introductions, and is Arlo White the biggest Bears fan in all of Leicester?

1:10: How a childhood trip to Evergreen Park led White to become a Bears fan

4:35: How did you follow the Bears in England in the 1980s?

7:00: What was it like to get to call the 2008 Super Bowl for British radio?

9:40: How White managed to make it to Green Bay for the Bears' season opener

11:55: White's impressions of the 2018 Bears, and what it was like to get to watch Khalil Mack in person

14:20: Are there NFL fans around Premier League press boxes like there are Premier League fans around NFL press boxes?

16:20: White's prediction for Bears-Vikings, beyond drinking "nine cups of coffee" to stay awake

19:00: Welcoming Roger Bennett to the pod, and how he became a Bears fan while growing up in Liverpool

21:30: Calling random 312 numbers in Chicago to get the Bears score

24:10: How White and Rog wound up at the same Bears preseason game in 1986 without knowing it

26:10: Rog's experience greeting the Bears at O'Hare at 2 a.m. after they played the Cowboys in London

31:00: Why Rog moved to Chicago (and specifically Rogers park) right after college

33:00: The Bears are a centerpiece of the Bennett family Sundays, taking part in the "joy that is Tarik Cohen and his ebullience"

34:30: Why Rog *really* likes Matt Nagy #balds

36:45: Rog's prediction for Bears-Vikings

38:20: Why Rog is an 11/10 in confidence the Bears will win the Super Bowl

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