Under Center Podcast: Bears vs Packers preview - BIGGEST. GAME. EVER!

Alex Shapiro
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Under Center Podcast: Bears vs Packers preview - BIGGEST. GAME. EVER! originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Well Bears fans, it's here. The game to decide the fate of the Bears’ season, and possibly this era comes, down to one final game against their biggest rival. To cover all the aspects of this Sunday’s game, JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis bring on not just one, but two guests to get you prepared for the Week 17 matchup. First, Football Aftershow analyst and former Bear Lance Briggs joins the podcast to discuss the rivalry from a player's angle and what this game means for Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy, and Mitch Trubisky. Later in the pod, the Under Center crew is joined by Olivia Reiner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to break things down from the Packers side, discuss Aaron Rodgers' MVP season, and give a peek into what Green Bay is thinking headed into a game they need as well. We have it all covered on the Under Center podcast.

(1:45) - How surprising is it that the Bears are in this position?

(6:34) - Do Pro Bowl snubs bother NFL players?

(10:57) - What do the Packers do on offense to challenge linebackers?

(14:45) - Lance goes over the last time the Bears played the Packers on Week 17 (Don't get angry)

(19:27) - Olivia Reiner of the Milwaukee Jornal Sentinel joins the podcast

(21:38) - Where are the Packers clicking the most on offense?

(27:10) - How much can the Packers take away from the week 12 matchup?

(34:38) - Matt LaFleur's year 2

(37:55) - JJ and Cam wrap up the preview of Bears and Packers. Is this a measurement game for the entire Bears organization?

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