Lauren B.'s uncomfortable moment on 'The Bachelor' leads to a surprise ending

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It was that critical moment on The Bachelor when someone says the “L word” for the first time. You never know what to expect. For Lauren B., it was particularly stressful because it has been so difficult for her to open up to Arie. So when she finally revealed she was falling in love with him, his response was not ideal.

“I’m gonna be right back,” Arie said before getting up from the table and wandering off into the dark. Lauren was left sitting by herself at the table and started to tear up at the thought that she might have shared too much. She said, “Now I’m starting to regret being that open.”

It was an uncomfortable moment that felt like Lauren’s last on the show. But when Arie came back, he told her, “To hear you say that you’re falling for me makes me really, really happy. And I really do, really do see something between us. I’m falling so deeply in love with you. It’s crazy.”

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So Arie gave her a rose and now he can look forward to meeting Lauren’s family next week. And judging by the previews, it looks even more awkward than this date.

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