'It's unbelievable what you are doing' - Liverpool boss Klopp issues message to 'incredible' health service staff


Jurgen Klopp has sent a message to the "incredible" people working in health services, saying it is "unbelievable" how people have stepped up in the face of the coronavirus.

Klopp and Liverpool, like the rest of the footballing world, have been sidelined due to Covid-19, with the Premier League under indefinite suspension until the outbreak is dealt with.

Throughout the outbreak, Klopp and Liverpool have sent messages to those on the front lines, with the manager and players combining to remind everyone to stay at home per government instruction.

And, as Liverpool made note of World Health Day, Klopp took the chance to send a message to all of those working in health services.

"Hello. Myself, the staff and all the players of LFC would like to take this opportunity to deliver a message to say thank you to all the incredible people who work in the health services - all the health workers if you want, out there," Klopp said in a video posted on Liverpool's Instagram.

"It's unbelievable what you are doing and on behalf of all of us from LFC, I would like to say thank you.

"Or, how we would say in Germany, vielen dank (thanks a lot)."

Liverpool recently came under fire for a decision to furlough staff in the wake of the pandemic, utilising the UK government's furlough scheme, with fans and former players stating that the decision went against the club's history and mission.

However, in the days following the announcement, Liverpool announced that the club had reversed that decision with CEO Peter Moore stating that the club "came to the wrong conclusion."

Klopp's Liverpool amassed a 25-point lead atop the league prior to the stoppage in play as the Reds were well on their way to claiming their first Premier League title.

However, with the shutdown, that title remains uncertain with plenty of executives calling for the season to be declared void if matches aren't completed.

Liverpool were thrown a lifeline on Tuesday as UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said that he sees "no way" for Liverpool to be denied Premier League glory, regardless of whether or not football resumes this summer.

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