Ukrainian high jumpers win gold and bronze at Diamond League stage in Stockholm

Stock photo: Getty Images
Stock photo: Getty Images

Ukrainian athlete Yaroslava Mahuchikh has won a gold medal at a stage of the Diamond League in Stockholm.

Mahuchikh triumphed in the high jump, achieving a result of 2 m on her second attempt. At this height Mahuchikh was competing against Australia's Nicola Olyslagers, who missed the mark of 1.97 m, so her performance at the 2-metre height was decisive. Olyslagers made three errors and didn’t make it to the top three. German athlete Imke Onnen took second place (1.94 m).

Another Ukrainian, Iryna Herashchenko, won bronze with the same result of 1.94 m. Earlier, we reported on her silver medal win at the Diamond League stage in Doha, Qatar.

Yulia Levchenko was also competing, but she finished with a result of 1.86 m.

Diamond League. Stockholm. Women’s high jump

  1.   Yaroslava Mahuchikh (Ukraine) - 2.00

  2.   Imke Onnen (Germany) - 1.94

  3.   Iryna Herashchenko (Ukraine) - 1.94

  4.   Nicola Olyslagers (Australia) - 1.94

  5.   Eleanor Patterson (Australia) - 1.90

  6.   Mirela Demireva (Bulgaria) - 1.90

  7.   Lia Apostolovski (Slovenia) - 1.86

  8.   Maja Nilsson (Sweden) - 1.86

  9.   Yulia Levchenko (Ukraine) - 1.82

This is the first time in the high jump season series that three female Ukrainian athletes have competed at once.

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