Ukraine’s Miss Universe 2022 candidate comments on Russian participation

"We did a lot of work on that, but she was granted a US visa, and this decided her participation in the contest," she said.

"If the Americans gave her a visa, the organizing committee cannot drop the contestant."

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Apanasenko also commented on the Russian contestant’s efforts to be photographed next to her at the pageant.

"She was tasked by her organizing committee to take a selfie with me," the Ukrainian said.

"And this is not the first time she tried to do it. I have only one question for her and so far I’ve received no answer — whether she supports the policy of her president who started the war in Ukraine, or not. Several times they offered to take a 'friendly snap.'"

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Earlier, NV reported that the U.S. representative won the title of Miss Universe 2022. Ukraine's Apanasenko did not make it to the top 16.

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