UK a top option for SEC transfers

Feb. 2—As the Kentucky football program continues trying to climb into the upper echelon of the Southeastern Conference, 11th-year head coach Mark Stoops is sticking to a formula that has paid off for his team recently: Give in-league transfers a chance to shine.

Of the Wildcats' 10 mid-season transfers ahead of the 2024 campaign, five come from SEC foes. Boasting a transfer class ranked 15th in the nation by 247Sports, UK has welcomed in former five-star quarterback Brock Vandagriff and four-star linebacker standout Jamon "Pop" Dumas-Johnson, both from two-time national champion Georgia, alongside four-star wide receiver Raymond Cottrell (Texas A&M), three-star offensive lineman Jalen Farmer (Florida), three-star offensive tackle Gerald Mincey (Tennessee) and four-star safety Kristian Story (Alabama).

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