UFC star Andrea Lee sparks social media controversy over Nazi tattoo photo

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“This is why you don't get tattoos, because while you may change, the ink doesn't.” “Where is HIS right to expression?”

UFC star Andrea Lee sparked controversy when she posted a picture of her and husband Donny Aaron to Instagram over the weekend. The shot showed Aaron’s left arm, revealing an SS and swastika tattoo.

Lee was the first to post an apology. “Neither one of us are racists, we have an Asian & a black guy that live with us!,” Lee said in a now deleted post. “Oh my gosh guys it’s a tattoo he got when he was in prison, get over yourselves. He covers them up all the time & we happen to have a lake day and it makes an appearance. Sensitive ass mofos.”

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After quickly deleting her first apology, Lee posted a longer, more sensitive response. “My comments the day before were meant to just defend my husband not his tattoo,” Lee wrote. “I never intended to make light of the situation, the history of the symbol or dismiss anyone that was offended.”

Aaron explained himself in his own statement on Twitter. “These 'scars' tell my history which include a dark time when I was imprisoned,” Aaron wrote. “However, they do not accurately represent who I am today as a person.”

Most Yahoo readers aren’t swayed judging by the comments on Yahoo Sports writer Jay Busbee’s report: “I'm sure you'd like people to forget, but that doesn't mean we should,” reads one post. “Why not just get them covered with other tattoos?” asked another.

Others supported Aaron’s first amendment rights: “Even if he did believe it, he has that right … as long as he doesn't act on it,” one supporter wrote.

“His apology seems genuine,” another posted. “I hope it is.”

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