UFC fighter suffers gruesome groin injury during training

Blake SchusterYahoo Sports Contributor
No blow will ever hurt <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/ncaaf/players/217170/" data-ylk="slk:Devin Powell">Devin Powell</a> as much as the knee he took to the groin from Joe Lauzon in training (Getty Images)
No blow will ever hurt Devin Powell as much as the knee he took to the groin from Joe Lauzon in training (Getty Images)

No matter how many times you see, hear or read about a fighter going down with a horrifying injury, you never quite get desensitized to it.

So take a long deep breath before you read below to see what happened to UFC lightweight Devin Powell, who was sparring with Joe Lauzon ahead of Lauzon’s next bout in two months.

Through sheer force, and one terrifying knee strike, Powell ruptured his testicle.

That’s how Powell described the cause injury, too: Sheer force. He and Lauzon were practicing their ground game when Lauzon caught him with a knee in a very poor area, sending Powell immediately to the emergency room.

It’s entirely mind-blowing that Powell can even manage a smirk in this photo. Anything other than constant weeping in that situation is admirable, really. Fortunately for everyone, Powell posted on Instagram that the surgery went well and he’s looking forward to getting back in the octagon.

Lauzon will take on Chris Greutzemacher at UFC 223 in April. If Greutzemacher is smart, he’ll do whatever he can to keep away from Lauzon’s knees.

In the meantime, Powell will be recovering from one of the most painful injuries imaginable in his sport.

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