UFC champion Jessica Andrade's top 5 finishes

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Jessica Andrade reacts after defeating Karolina Kowalkiewicz (not pictured) during UFC 228 at American Airlines Center. (Kevin Jairaj-USA Today Sports)
Jessica Andrade reacts after defeating Karolina Kowalkiewicz (not pictured) during UFC 228 at American Airlines Center. (Kevin Jairaj-USA Today Sports)

Jessica Andrade (20-6) is one of the most prolific finishers in all of MMA. As the strawweight world champion looks to defend her title against Weili Zhang (19-1) this weekend in China, let’s look back at five of the Brazilian’s top all-time finishes.

5. Jessica Andrade vs. Joanne Calderwood, Sep. 10, 2016 - UFC, 4:38 of R1

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As she did against Larissa Pacheco, Andrade took advantage of Calderwood doing the right things late in the first round. Once again on top, Andrade peppered Calderwood’s head with her left hand. Calderwood rightly attempted to begin a get-up on the strength of a left underhook. Calderwood was able to get up to her feet using her underhook, but as she did, her posture was low and across Andrade’s body, leaving it in perfect position for Andrade to lock up a front headlock and then, ultimately, another arm-in guillotine choke. With the front choke in place, Andrade confidently pulled full-guard, squeezed, and got the tap.

4. Andrade vs. Larissa Pacheco, Sept. 13, 2014 - UFC, 4:33 of R1

Late in the first round of their bout, Andrade snatched onto the head of Pacheco with her left arm after Pacheco attempted to get off of her back with a left underhook, while wrapping her own right arm around Pacheco’s left one. The Brazilian sought an arm-in guillotine choke and, at first, thought she could finish it while on her own side. Pacheco held tough, however, refused to submit right away. Without releasing any squeezing pressure, Andrade then rolled atop Pacheco, cut an angle to her own right side, with her right hip pressing into Pacheco’s left, and forced the tap out from the top half-guard.

3. Andrade vs. Jessica Penne, June 4, 2016 - UFC, 2:52 of R2

In the second round of her tilt against Penne, Andrade trapped the American against the cage wall and then proceeded to unload with multiple hard right punches. First, Andrade used right crosses and uppercuts, then she used a left hand single-collar tie to assist in controlling Penne and feeding into the right punches. After she successfully got Penne to cover up, Andrade began to unleash both left and right punches in fast combination. Penne continued to try and move both her head and feet and refused to give in or even fall to the ground. Andrade allowed her no space or time to counter, however, and the referee stepped in to stop the future champion’s onslaught.

2. Andrade vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz, Sept. 8, 2018 - UFC, 1:58 of R1

In the first round of their contender’s fight, Andrade found a hole in the defense of the former world title challenger at the end of a punch exchange, connected with an overhand right that dropped Kowalkiewicz, hard. As Kowalkiewicz was on her way down from the right punch, Andrade connected with a left hook. Though still moving, the Polish warrior was clearly functionally out once she hit the mat and unable to adequately defend herself. Andrade paused for a moment without immediately piling on, and the referee jumped in to stop the fight.

1. Rose Namajunas - May 11, 2019 - UFC, 2:58 of R2

After getting tuned-up in the first round of their championship fight earlier this year, Andrade remained steadfast in her approach and backed “Thug” Rose against the fence, attempting a takedown. Namajunas worked a defense she’d successfully used earlier in the fight but this time Andrade made a key adjustment and was able to pick Namajunas up, turn her over and spike her head-first onto the canvas, immediately knocking the champion out.

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