UFC 292 results LIVE: Sean O’Malley stuns Aljamain Sterling with picture-perfect KO

Sean O’Malley’s rise to stardom continued on Saturday as he knocked out Aljamain Sterling to win the bantamweight title at UFC 292.

Sterling had won 10 straight fights, including three successful title defences, heading into the main event in Boston this weekend, while O’Malley’s popularity with fans saw him fast-tracked to a shot at the gold.

But O’Malley justified that decision at UFC 292, dropping Sterling with a picture-perfect right hand early in Round 2 before finishing the Jamaican-American on the mat.

That result followed Zhang Weili’s dominant title defence against Amanda Lemos in the co-main event, which the champion won with a lopsided decision.

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UFC 292 LIVE: Sean O’Malley vs Aljamain Sterling

  • Sean O’Malley wins bantamweight title by knocking out Aljamain Sterling

  • Finish comes via perfect right hand, early in Round 2 of main event

  • Zhang Weili retains strawweight belt with dominant win over Amanda Lemos

  • Ian Machado Garry brutalises Neil Magny with low kicks en route to victory

  • Marlon Vera beats Pedro Munhoz to maintain hopes of O’Malley rematch

UFC 292 LIVE: Sean O’Malley vs Aljamain Sterling

06:15 , Alex Pattle

O’Malley: “It feels right, baby, it feels right.

“Honestly, this was the most nervous I’ve been for a fight. In my eyes, Aljamain Sterling is the greatest bantamweight of all time, but I never lost confidence – because I know what I possess in this f***ing right hand, baby!

“It only takes one mistake against me. I don’t even know if that was a mistake, I’m just that f***ing good!”

UFC 292 LIVE: Sean O’Malley vs Aljamain Sterling

06:13 , Alex Pattle

Sean O’Malley def. Aljamain Sterling via second-round TKO (punches, 0:51).

UFC 292 LIVE: Sean O’Malley vs Aljamain Sterling

06:12 , Alex Pattle

That right hand caught Sterling completely flush.

UFC 292 LIVE: Sean O’Malley vs Aljamain Sterling

06:10 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

Sterling with a much faster start to this round. He rushes to O’Malley with a body kick, then grabs a hold of the challenger as he trips.

OH! Out of nowhere, O’Malley drops Sterling with a short right hand!! He pours on punches, and Sterling just cannot defend himself!


UFC 292 LIVE: Sean O’Malley vs Aljamain Sterling

06:03 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

LET’S GO! Chants of, “F*** you, Aljo,” early on.

O’Malley gets out on the front foot, stalking Sterling and throwing lots of feints. He lands a good front kick to the body, but Sterling fires back with low kicks.

There’s not much output overall, though, and the crowd begins to boo. Sterling eventually shoots for a takedown – from quite some range – and he’ll settle for the clinch, where he unloads a few punches before the buzzer sounds.

That was a very cagey round.

UFC 292 LIVE: Sean O’Malley vs Aljamain Sterling

05:42 , Alex Pattle

Next up, the main event!

Aljamain Sterling defends his bantamweight title against Sean O’Malley.

Can Sterling make it an 11th straight win and fourth successful title defence? Or will rising star O’Malley become a fully-fledged superstar?

Let’s find out...

Sean O’Malley, left, facing off with Aljamain Sterling (Getty Images)
Sean O’Malley, left, facing off with Aljamain Sterling (Getty Images)

UFC 292 LIVE: Zhang Weili vs Amanda Lemos

05:38 , Alex Pattle

Zhang Weili def. Amanda Lemos via unanimous decision (50-43, 50-44, 49-45).

A 50-43, WOW!

UFC 292 LIVE: Zhang Weili vs Amanda Lemos

05:31 , Alex Pattle

Round 5

Final round! Zhang drops Lemos with a hard shot then pummels her with punches and elbows on the mat...

Lemos stands and tries to grab Zhang, who just wrestles her to the mat and fires off hammer fists while trapping Lemos’s arm.

Zhang has just recorded the largest strike differential in a women’s UFC fight.

Lemos, to her credit, stands again. Twenty seconds left! Zhang with a side kick to the body, and another.

UFC 292 LIVE: Zhang Weili vs Amanda Lemos

05:28 , Alex Pattle

Round 4

Another hard right hand from Lemos! She’s found a few tonight, but they’ve been not nearly enough.

Again Zhang gets Lemos to the mat, and again the challenger tries for a choke, but she’s not got the leverage.

Zhang is tiring a bit, and Lemos is able to stand. On the feet, though, she’s clubbed by a right hand from Zhang.

UFC 292 LIVE: Zhang Weili vs Amanda Lemos

05:20 , Alex Pattle

Round 3

More grappling, largely against the fence, with Zhang in control for the most part.

She hauls Lemos to the mat then stands and slams a kick into her hamstring.

Zhang then gets back on top; she’s in side control, trying to isolate Lemos’s right arm, but the Brazilian eventually stands.

More elbows from Zhang... Total strikes: Zhang 156-9 Lemos...

UFC 292 LIVE: Zhang Weili vs Amanda Lemos

05:15 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

Zhang just misses with a side kick to the head, but her next attempt lands.

Lemos lands a hard right hand now, but Zhang responds by taking her down!

Zhang has side control and smashes her shoulder into the chin of Lemos.

Lemos scrambles really well to stand, but she eats a brutal elbow immediately.

UFC 292 LIVE: Zhang Weili vs Amanda Lemos

05:08 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Both women possess real power. Will we see it on display?

Zhang catches a low kick and trips Lemos, stacking up the Brazilian then passing into side control.

The Chinese star digs a few short punches into the ribs of Lemos. Zhang has half-guard, too. Nasty elbow from the champion!

OH! Lemos is able to pull a D’Arce out of nowhere, and Zhang looks to be in real trouble... What a turnaround this could be!

But Zhang slips out, takes the back with Lemos flattened out, and pours on ground and pound! Lemos tries for another D’Arce, but Zhang slams her down and fires off violent elbows again!

UFC 292 LIVE: Zhang Weili vs Amanda Lemos

04:51 , Alex Pattle

Co-main event! Two-time champion Zhang Weili defends the women’s strawweight title against Amanda Lemos.

UFC 292 LIVE: Neil Magny vs Ian Machado Garry

04:47 , Alex Pattle

Ian Machado Garry def. Neil Magny via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-24).

Magny applauds Garry, who tells Joe Rogan: “I made it look like he’d never fought in the Octagon before.

“That was domination from start to finish.”

Garry calls out Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

UFC 292 LIVE: Neil Magny vs Ian Machado Garry

04:42 , Alex Pattle

Round 3

Again Magny goes down from a leg kick. He stands but is basically hopping on his good leg for a moment...

Garry shouts at Magny and unloads punches, then floors him with another low kick...

Magny stands but is getting picked apart on the feet now. AGAIN he goes down, and Garry screams at him to “GET UP!”

An intense fight reaches the final buzzer, with Garry flipping off Magny again...

UFC 292 LIVE: Neil Magny vs Ian Machado Garry

04:35 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

Garry is feinting regularly, but Magny isn’t always biting. Another hard low kick, and Magny stumbles.

Magny catches a body kick, however, and tries for a single-leg. Good defence from Garry against the cage.

Eventually he gets free, and he knocks out Magny’s mouthguard with a high kick.

More leg kicks, Magny is in trouble... and he’s susceptible to a clean one-two!

Flying knee to the body from Garry, and straight punches against the fence. Clean shots.

Garry flips off Magny after the buzzer, after the 36-year-old says something to him...

UFC 292 LIVE: Neil Magny vs Ian Machado Garry

04:31 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Garry twice knocks down Magny with leg kicks. Now he lands a lancing jab.

Both men miss with head kicks. Garry is able to shrug off Magny, as the veteran tries to clinch in the centre of the ring.

A fresh clinch attempt succeeds for Magny, and he has Garry against the fence. Garry reverses the position and gets away with draping his arm over the top of the cage wall.

They separate, and again Garry knocks down Magny with a leg kick. Magny tries to scoot towards the Irishman on his backside, but he can’t get close.

UFC 292 LIVE: Neil Magny vs Ian Machado Garry

04:17 , Alex Pattle

This should be a fun one: Welterweight veteran Neil Magny takes on rising Irish star Ian Machado Garry...

These two went back and forth in intense fashion at the pre-fight press conference this week.

Magny, stepping in for Geoff Neal, makes his walk after Garry plays up to the Boston fans – the Irish-Boston connection.

Many are expecting Garry’s sharpshooting style to be too much for the veteran, but let’s see...

Garry is much the younger fighter at 25, with Magny now 36.

UFC 292 LIVE: Da’mon Blackshear vs Mario Bautista

04:16 , Alex Pattle

Mario Bautista def. Da’mon Blackshear via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

UFC 292 LIVE: Da’mon Blackshear vs Mario Bautista

04:15 , Alex Pattle

Round 3

Blackshear, fighting for the second time in a week, is starting to tire. Bautista FINALLY secures a takedown after numerous attempts.

Bautista quickly takes the back against the fence... He’s struggling to lock in a rear naked choke, and the crowd is getting a bit restless.

Eventually Bautista gives up, and the pair fight to their feet late in the round. There’s still time for a scramble, however, which ends with Bautista on top.

UFC 292 LIVE: Da’mon Blackshear vs Mario Bautista

04:07 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

It’s another grappling-heavy round. Bautista even attempts a takedown in this frame, but to no avail.

Bautista grazes Blackshear with a head kick, before grabbing him against the fence. The bantamweights trade the position back and forth before moving into the open.

Blackshear misses with a spinning back elbow but flows straight into a double-leg takedown! Bautista rides it well, though, and the takedown won’t be credited.

UFC 292 LIVE: Da’mon Blackshear vs Mario Bautista

04:01 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Blackshear forces Bautista to the fence, after the latter does well to defend a takedown.

Eventually Blackshear gets him down, and he’s in Bautista’s guard. The pair soon fight to their feet, though.

Blackshear shoots for a double-leg takedown then tidily slips around to take the back.

Bautista is dragged to the mat but is again able to stand.

Now looks to defend a takedown with a guillotine, but Blackshear survives.

UFC 292 LIVE: Da’mon Blackshear vs Mario Bautista

03:48 , Alex Pattle

Next up is another bantamweight bout: Da’mon Blackshear faces Mario Bautista after replacing Cody Garbrandt earlier this week.

UFC 292 LIVE: Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munhoz

03:47 , Alex Pattle

Marlon Vera def. Pedro Munhoz via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Vera seemed more confident than I’d have thought, and Munhoz was clapping his opponent before the result was even read.

Fair enough! Indy Sport had Vera winning 29-28.

UFC 292 LIVE: Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munhoz

03:45 , Alex Pattle

Round 3

Vera is starting to land very clinically now. He’s busted up Munhoz’s nose badly.

He surely takes the round, but did he do enough to snatch one of the first two? They were very close.

UFC 292 LIVE: Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munhoz

03:38 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

Munhoz is mirroring every stance-switch from Vera.

Good right cross by Munhoz. He sees a leg kick caught and is tagged by a cross from Vera.

Another close round...

UFC 292 LIVE: Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munhoz

03:36 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

Vera subtly switches stances back and forth. He’s just out of range of a wild overhand from Munhoz, who then kicks to the body repeatedly.

Vera tags Munhoz with a couple of counter left hooks in a frantic exchange.

UFC 292 LIVE: Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munhoz

03:32 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Vera does well to defend a single-leg takedown, then hammers an outside low kick into Munhoz’s calf.

The pair clinch, and Vera lands a nice knee to the head. Another piercing jab from Vera. Munhoz goes southpaw and lands a cross.

Vera just misses with a front kick up top.

Munhoz probably takkes the round on activity.

UFC 292 LIVE: Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munhoz

03:29 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Munhoz is dropped to a knee early, and Vera swings a wild kick past his head. If that had landed, it would have been illegal.

Sharp jab from Vera, and Munhoz tries to fire back with some wide hooks but they miss.

Another snapping jab from Vera, but Munhoz lands a series of low kicks and one to the body – and another.

UFC 292 LIVE: Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munhoz

03:27 , Alex Pattle

It’s No 10 vs No 6 in Munhoz vs Vera.

“Chito” Vera had won four in a row before losing to Cory Sandhagen on points last time out, while Munhoz outpointed Chris Gutierrez in his most recent fight for a much-needed win.

Here we go.

UFC 292 LIVE: Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munhoz

03:21 , Alex Pattle

Vera holds a win over O’Malley and would love for himself and his old rival to get wins tonight, potentially setting up a rematch with the bantamweight title on the line.

UFC 292 LIVE: Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munhoz

03:19 , Alex Pattle

The main card begins with a clash of bantamweight contenders. It’s Marlon “Chito” Vera vs Pedro Munhoz.

UFC 292 LIVE: Chris Weidman vs Brad Tavares

03:05 , Alex Pattle

Brad Tavares def. Chris Weidman via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Fair scorecards. Weidman fought hard and – in spots – very well, but Tavares’s low kicks and takedown defence were the difference.

Next up, the UFC 292 main card!

UFC 292 LIVE: Chris Weidman vs Brad Tavares

03:01 , Alex Pattle

Round 3

Another pause for a low blow! Simultaneous ones, in fact.

And back under way. Weidman winces after a hard outside low kick from Tavares. He’s really struggling again.

Weidman shoots for a takedown against the fence, but yet again he is denied.

Both men land punches at close range.

UFC 292 LIVE: Chris Weidman vs Brad Tavares

02:56 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

Tavares drops to a knee after a left hand from Weidman! He’s straight back up, forced to defend another takedown effort.

That takedown defence holds up. Weidman blocks a head kick and lands a one-two.

Close round...

UFC 292 LIVE: Chris Weidman vs Brad Tavares

02:53 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

Tavares ended that first round on top; can Weidman arrest the momentum?

Weidman blocks a head kick but eats a right cross. Both men then land simultaneous jabs.

And Weidman stumbles back! His left leg is so beaten up from those low kicks! Is he on borrowed time?

He blocks a high kick and a flurry of punches. More harsh low kicks from Tavares, but he’s caught with a big right hand!

He skips away. Weidman taunts Tavares now! He’s pointing at him and landing punches!

Another pause in the fight, though, as Weidman lands a front kick below the belt, just before securing a takedown...

But replays suggest that the kick might actually have been legal. Either way, we’re back under way.

UFC 292 LIVE: Chris Weidman vs Brad Tavares

02:47 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Weidman starts on the front foot, jabbing and looking to close range. Twice he gets Tavares to the fence and tries for a takedown, but he fails.

Tavares with a hard low kick. Now he catches Weidman with a kick to the groin! The action is put on pause for now...

And back under way! Lots of feints from both men. Then Tavares catches Weidman on the end of a one-two.

Weidman switches to southpaw and lands a sharp left hook. More low kicks from Tavares. Nice front kick to the body by Weidman.

UFC 292 LIVE: Chris Weidman vs Brad Tavares

02:24 , Alex Pattle

Weidman fights for the first time since suffering a broken leg against Uriah Hall in April 2021.

UFC 292 LIVE: Gregory Rodrigues vs Denis Tiuliulin

02:20 , Alex Pattle

Rodrigues makes short work of Tiulilin, stopping him in the first round!

Rodrigues got a quick takedown and secured the TKO with a series of hard elbows. It seems at least one of those strikes might have been illegal, though...

Gregory Rodrigues def. Denis Tiuliulin via first-round knockout (elbows, 1:43).

One more prelim to come: Former middleweight champion Chris Weidman fights Brad Tavares.

UFC 292 LIVE: Gregory Rodrigues vs Denis Tiuliulin

02:05 , Alex Pattle

Next up: Gregory Rodrigues vs Denis Tiuliulin at middleweight.

UFC 292 LIVE: Austin Hubbard vs Kurt Holobaugh

02:02 , Alex Pattle

Kurt Holobaugh def. Austin Hubbard via second-round submission (triangle choke, 2:39).

Holobaugh wins the lightweight final of The Ultimate Fighter!

UFC 292 LIVE: Austin Hubbard vs Kurt Holobaugh

02:00 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

One of Hubbard’s cornermen: “I want him hitting the mat three, four times in this round.” So, maintain the focus on takedowns.

Hubbard eats a right cross after failing with a single-leg takedown. Another right hand for Holobaugh; another failed takedown by Hubbard!

Now it’s Holobaugh who gets a takedown, and he takes Hubbard’s back against the fence...

Holobaugh is unable to finish a rear naked choke, but he does get off some good ground and pound thereafter.

He briefly works on an armbar, but Hubbard rolls through. Holobaugh reacts wonderfully, however, to lock in a triangle choke!


UFC 292 LIVE: Austin Hubbard vs Kurt Holobaugh

01:55 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Holobaugh defends a takedown attempt well, and he narrowly avoids a knee in the ensuing scramble, too.

Decent right cross from Holobaugh, but he’s taken down again! Good timing from Hubbard.

Holobaugh eventually stands against the fence, and he lands some good punches late in the round.

UFC 292 LIVE: Austin Hubbard vs Kurt Holobaugh

01:53 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Both Americans swing big early! Hubbard then drives a takedown, and he’s in Holobaugh’s guard now, throwing heavy ground and pound.

A scramble ensues, the fighters stand, and Hubbard is controlling Holobaugh against the fence.

They separate. Front kick by Hubbard. Holobaugh is loading up on his shots... Hubbard is looking the slicker striker at the moment.

UFC 292 LIVE: Austin Hubbard vs Kurt Holobaugh

01:44 , Alex Pattle

So, here we go! The Ultimate Fighter’s lightweight finale: Austin Hubbard vs Kurt Holobaugh.

UFC 292 LIVE: Brad Katona vs Cody Gibson

01:40 , Alex Pattle

Katona becomes the first fighter to win TUF twice. He’ll hope he never has to win it again!

McGregor is claiming victory for his team, given Katona’s win (Katona started on Team Chandler, by the way...), but we’ve got another TUF match-up next, and both finalists were on Team Chandler.

UFC 292 LIVE: Brad Katona vs Cody Gibson

01:37 , Alex Pattle

Significant strikes: Katona 155-148 Gibson.

Some historically impressive statistics in this fight. Both men deserve a UFC contract, but only one will win it...

Brad Katona def. Cody Gibson via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).


UFC 292 LIVE: Brad Katona vs Cody Gibson

01:34 , Alex Pattle

Round 3

Gibson lands a few straight punches in quick succession! Is he pulling ahead?

Nice body work from Katona. OH! He goes up top now, and Gibson starts to touch his own eye. That right eye is badly swollen...

One minute to go, can Gibson fight through that injury?

This has been brilliant theatre. Katona is landing with increasing accuracy now! Perhaps HE is ahead!

UFC 292 LIVE: Brad Katona vs Cody Gibson

01:31 , Alex Pattle

Round 3

“He’s done, he’s done, Brad,” John Kavanagh tells Katona.

Final round! Two jabs land for Gibson, but Katona fires back with a harsh left hook!

Gibson with a big right hand, and another! But Katona retorts with two piercing jabs!

A UFC contract is up for grabs, and both fighters are doing their best to secure it!

UFC 292 LIVE: Brad Katona vs Cody Gibson

01:28 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

Decent elbow from Gibson, as Katona shoves him away from the clinch.

OH! A right hand stuns Gibson! Katona grabs the back of Gibson’s head and unloads uppercuts in a new clinch!

The bantamweights separate. Now a left hook lands clean for Katona, and a right cross!

Some terrific work from Katona there, which will surely have stolen the round.

19-19 after two rounds?

UFC 292 LIVE: Brad Katona vs Cody Gibson

01:26 , Alex Pattle

Round 2

The fighters briefly grapple against the fence, before separating and moving into the open.

Gibson with a good right cross; Katona with a nice jab. John Kavanagh, Conor McGregor’s coach, is in Katona’s corner.

Great combination from Gibson, who switches stances in the middle of it. He sees a one-two blocked upstairs but smashes a couple of hooks into the ribs of Katona.

Katona with a solid right hand now! Hard knee to the body by Gibson in the clinch.

Gibson eats a head kick!

UFC 292 LIVE: Brad Katona vs Cody Gibson

01:21 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Nice variety of punch from Gibson, who slides an uppercut through Katona’s guard then wings a hook around it.

Better activity and accuracy from Katona as the round draws to a close.

UFC 292 LIVE: Brad Katona vs Cody Gibson

01:19 , Alex Pattle

Round 1

Clean, straight punch from Gibson early on, while Katona kicks low. The bantamweights then clinch, with Katona firing off a good uppercut to the body.

They separate, and again Katona kicks low. Now the fighters trade body kicks. Clean one-two from Gibson!

That certainly got Katona’s attention. Another clean right. And a hook! Great head movement from Gibson, too, to avoid Katona’s counters.

UFC 292 LIVE: Regular prelims begin

01:14 , Alex Pattle

Both Gibson and Katona fought in the UFC in the past, and the winner of this fight will get a new UFC contract – a second shot in MMA’s flagship promotion.

Katona is actually seeking to become the first athlete ever to win The Ultimate Fighter twice.

Katona is sporting Team Conor McGregor attire, though he started this season on Team Michael Chandler before switching.

UFC 292 LIVE: Regular prelims begin

01:07 , Alex Pattle

The regular prelims are upon us!

They begin with the bantamweight final of this year’s Ultimate Fighter competition.

Brad Katona takes on Cody Gibson.

UFC 292 LIVE: Early prelim results

01:02 , Alex Pattle

Andre Petroski def. Gerald Meerschaert via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Natalia Silva def. Andrea Lee via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Karine Silva def. Maryna Moroz via first-round submission (guillotine choke, 4:59)

UFC 292 LIVE: Main card and prelims in full

Sunday 20 August 2023 00:10 , Alex Pattle

Here’s a look at this evening’s card (subject to any late changes):

Main card

Aljamain Sterling (C) vs Sean O’Malley (bantamweight title)

Zhang Weili (C) vs Amanda Lemos (women’s strawweight title)

Neil Magny vs Ian Machado Garry (welterweight)

Da’mon Blackshear vs Mario Bautista (bantamweight)

Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munhoz (bantamweight)


Chris Weidman vs Brad Tavares (middleweight)

Gregory Rodrigues vs Denis Tiuliulin (middleweight)

Austin Hubbard vs Kurt Holobaugh (lightweight)

Brad Katona vs Cody Gibson (bantamweight)

Early prelims

Andre Petroski vs Gerald Meerschaert (middleweight)

Andrea Lee vs Natalia Silva (women’s flyweight)

Karine Silva vs Maryna Moroz (women’s flyweight)

UFC 292 card in full as Sean O’Malley challenges Aljamain Sterling tonight


Saturday 19 August 2023 18:49 , Alex Pattle

Hello everyone, and welcome to our live coverage from UFC 292 tonight!